Using FlyNumber instead of roaming

I live in Canada and travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I always have a terrible time with Bell roaming which never works and I have an argument with them about charges after every trip.
Next trip I plan to buy a sim card in Dubai and would like to know if I can forward calls that come to my Canadian number to that Dubai number using FlyNumber.

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Hi @darroxca

Thank you for considering us and happy to help

Absolutely, in fact, many of our customers do exactly that. You may want to buy the Canada FlyNumber before you fly out, this way you can set the forwarding for the Bell number while in Canada.

Unless you have a way to set the forwarding for the Bell ( Canada ) number while you’re abroad

Either way, this should work great. The forwarding for flynumber can be changed anytime from anywhere. So while you’re in Dubai, forwarding the FlyNumber to your Dubai number ( using the new sim you will purchase) will not be an issue.

Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions or concerns