Is area code always required?

Still waiting for a response to my question, so here I have endeavoured to rephrase and simplify it:

When dialing a number from within that number’s area code, is the area code still required or can it be omitted?

Thus, calling the number 09-1234567 within the 09 area code region, am I required to still use the ‘09’ prefix or can I just dial ‘1234567’?


Sorry for the delay on that, we just wanted to confirm it with the New Zealand carrier

The number would act as a normal New Zealand number and you would not need to dial the country code as far as local callers

Thanks for your reply.

To clarify, I was not referring to the country code but to the area code – the code for the region.

Thus for Auckland the area code is 09. So when someone is WITHIN the Auckland region and wishes to call the number, do they need to include the area code as well, or can this be omitted?

I am trying to ascertain how transparent the virtual number is – that is if it operates exactly the same as a local number here. With a local number when I call and Auckland number from within Auckland I DO NOT have to include the area code – this is automatically assumed. Only if I am external to the region do I need to include the area code.

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Yes this should be the case for the Auckland callers as well, please PM your flynumber username and we will send an Auckland number on us for you to test this out

Thanks for your help.

To answer this question, in this instance, the virtual number works transparently as a ‘normal’ number; that is the area code prefix is not required when the number is dialed from within the area code region.

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Super and thanks for the feedback here, its very much appreciated.