Forwarding TO flynumber and then FROM flynumber to Skype

I am so new to this and unfamiliar to most of this terminology.
My question: can flynumber receive FORWARDED calls from my existing number and THEN can flynumber send (FORWARD) those calls to my Skype number?


Yes you can, to your Skype number ( which assuming is a USA number ?) would be just forwarding to phone number

Here are the per min rates when you send the calls to a phone number

Let us know if you have any other questions

I totally understand that I can forward from the flynumber to my existing USA skype number.
Can I also FORWARD from my existing Canadian mobile number to the flynumber AND THEN have flynumber forward that to my skye number?
That is, 2 forwarding calls, first to flynumber , then from flynumber to skype number?


You should be able to, many users do just that

Keep in mind its something you would set with your device/carrier