Person Module does not turn green

Dear Flynumber Support team,

I have done all the steps of Using SIP Blink Client.
Ping Correctly to the SIP server.
But the Person module does not turn green.

I have disabled the firewall and try also with X-lite, but never able to see that module turn green.

Can you please let me know if I have to do anything else?

Thank you,

What response are you getting exactly when you ping?

Are we sure the SIP credentials were added correctly, keep in mind the info is case sensitive ( please also make sure there are no trailing spaces)

I would also try recreating a new person module and try the SIP info on a fresh install of x-lite.

If this persists please PM or email us your username so we can take a look at your config from here

Thank you for the answer.

When I do the ping, it says I have received the 4 packets received. 32 bites. Time: 156.

Is it possible that my ISP is blocking the 5060… ports? That what is says in

Can I change the port I use to connect to your servers?

Thats unfortunate- perhaps they can unblock, you can set forwarding to s SIP uri with a custom port but using a custom port with the PBX is not yet supported.