Pending order - how long does it take

I have been waiting for the order for 2 days, how long does it take to activate the number please?

Apologies on the delayed confirmation and this was active. Call logs will show any and all responses to calling the number if you run into anything.

Thanks and standing by

can i pls have an update on my norway nr as its still pending

Hi @dach.numbers

There seems to be some confusion on the account as to your Norway and (already active Austria number) - if you could update the ticket when you have a chance that would be great.

Thanks again.

Hi @FlyNumber

Please check my order too (placed yesterday).Waiting for approval…


Hi @Maxim

Apologies on the late confirmation here - tickets were taken care of earlier.

can i please have an update regarding the norwegian nr as its still pending

Hi @dach.numbers , we had requested clarifications in the earlier tickets, they were not addressed, if you could check those out please that would be great.