Why is my order pending if the money was paid?

I have ordered a new phone number and have paid the order with paypal. The payment did go through, but my order is still pending for the whole day.


Not sure if this was taken care of but apologize for the delay here…

Could you email us or send a ticket- this could be because the number you ordered was a country/city requiring documentation and none was uploaded ie : ( France, Germany, Italy )


It’s OK now - the order was approved and I got the number.


I am having this same issue, can you please take a look at ticket ID 7640 ?


Hi There

This was taken care of and ticket responded too…

Google checkout actually does its own internal “customer review” before fully completing the payment.

Google is actually dropping Checkout Nov 20. We’ll have direct credit cards and other payment methods in the near future to help supplement…

Please also follow the points on Gtalk forwarding , we suggest SIP if you have a choice

Thanks and let us know if you need any assistance

I have ordered a new virtual number and have paid the order with paypal. The payment is still pending, how much time do you need to activate my account.

Thank you very much !!!