Paid order has status pending

I purchased a number and cloud pbx subscription but status says pending and I cannot use the platform. Submitted support ticket but no response?

Apologies on the delay here and we just need a a couple more details in this case if you dont mind replying to the ticket just sent, will get this setup very quickly for you otherwise.


Hi we replied but your team never got back?

Apologies for the delay and it seems technical related here, we made some adjustments and also updated your ticket. Thanks and let us know.

We sorted the payment as per your instructions and cancelled the old subscription and successfully paid for a new subscription using the credit funds we added. But we have yet to receive the DID number or access to the cloud platform system that we have now paid for.

Replied in the support ticket about this twice but have not received any update. We’d appreciate if this could be expedited as we’ve followed your instructions now successfully and would like to start using the system which is important to our business.

Thanks in advance @FlyNumber !

Hi @derpster

I’d like to sincerely apologize for the delay here, this is not the norm and the case here is an exception.

The country/city you ordered a number had a recent increase in fraudulent activity - this was the main cause of the delay after we fixed the payment issue.

Your ticket was updated as well.

@FlyNumber You added the DID number but did not active the subscription to access Phone System Panel as the dashboard states “PBXww V1 PBX - Disabled” and I cannot access it by clicking. Please give us access so we can start using the service/software we hoped to receive when ordering.

In the website it states that the subscription offers a visual interfac, why can’t we get access to that since we paid the DID number + Virtual Cloud Phone System subscription ($14.95)?

Apologies for the confusion and we needed an update on the details , specifically the info to register the number under.

Please check the most recent ticket responses.

@FlyNumber Already provided you with this information twice in the ticket, and now a third time. Please can you activate the Cloud Phone System that is still disabled even though we’ve now provided you with all details requested a third time.

There’s not a single valid reason to drag this out anymore, will you be able to deliver services sold or should we move to another more serious provider? Because at this point your team is more active in replying on the forum posts rather than showing you value customers and communicate with us as an paying customer through the submitted support tickets rather than through the public forum. Almost as if you’re more worried about negative public forum posts than to actually help your clients. Please read the latest response in the ticket and kindly make it possible for us to use the service we paid for and waited over a week now to use.

Apologies for all the back and forth on this @derpster - your ticket was updated.