PBXww Panel pricing

I am a customer of flynumber since a couple of years for a DID number.

I see the option for a “PBXww Panel” in the menu. If I click, I see a box that says “Service Description” and another button saying “Launch PBXww”.

I wonder what will happen if I click “Launch PBXww”… will it have any cost for me to launch that thing? Hwo much? Is there a monthly cost even if there’s no usage of it or it’s more like Amazon Connect that you only pay for used time and you don’t have any fixed-fees?

In short: Is it “safe” (cost-wise) to click the buttong “Launch PBXww”?

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Glad to hear and we appreciate your business here!

No cost as its included in the price of your number(s)

Completely safe and encouraged! =)

Make sure to set the phone number to PBX/ Panel before launching PBX panel , you do that from My account > my flynumbers , click “details” and then "change forwarding "

You’ll have many options as far as how you’d like to route the number, notifications etc

If you need any help with it please let me know ( full guide here as well )