PBXww display box partially

lately I have a problem with PBXww - I only see about 90% of the boxes (like person etc) and the right side is missing - therefore I can not remove numbers and other actions that are on the right side.
tried firefox and chrome but it is the same.

I could see the exact same problem in the forum before - but no solution there…

any suggestions?


OK - I found the problem!!

I was using the default resolution 1920*1080 but with medium size items (125%).

If I change the item size to smaller (100%) then I can see the box - but I hate working like that …everything is too small.

Any chance you can make the boxes larger in the PBX so the text will fit in even with different display sizes?


Glad to hear its OK and we have some major PBX/ Phone system updates in store, many new features and wont require flash