Cannot log in successfully

I am having problems signing in to FlyNumber, and when I can sign in, I cannot access the PBXww panel.

In Microsoft Edge, I can enter my username and password. When I click the Log In button, I am returned to the login page and expected to enter my username and password again.

In Chrome, I can enter my username and password. When I click the Log In button, I am at the overall page showing a summary of my Profile and Basic Settings, with the User Menu at the right-hand side of the page.

In the User Menu, many of the links – including the PBXww Panel – send me back to the Log Out button (as if I had clicked My Account while logged in).

Some User Menu links are active – among them, ITSP List, PTSN Rates, Add FlyNumber – but all those pages also say “Please login first”.

Please advise how and when you will solve this problem. I have people depending on me to update our FlyNumber PBXww for an event that starts 48 hours from now.

–David Dailey

Hi David

Very sorry to hear this , can you try clearing the cookies/cache in your browser

We seem to have no issues with Chrome however safari etc seem to have updated their browser and we’re catching up as we speak

Will update this thread with the latest

Clearing cookies/cache had no effect on Microsoft Edge.

In Chrome, after clearing cookies/cache, I am able to get through the button to launch the PBXww panel but Chrome says that Flash player is not installed (this after repeated attempts to install it, including closing/restarting Chrome).

In Opera, I can get to the PBXww panel and see the block elements, but the right 15% of the blocks is missing – as reported by me about TWO YEARS AGO, for which your solution was that I use Microsoft Edge. (See above-- Microsoft Edge is not allowing me to log in.) Although I can create new blocks and configure them, I cannot re-configure existing blocks because those buttons are not displayed.

In Firefox, I get the same problem as in Opera.

I’m very disappointed that you have not yet solved a serious problem I brought to your attention two years ago.

I’m frustrated that you do not seem to be able to see the same kind of problem I am seeing. I would be happy to chat via Skype or Google Hangouts and share my screen with you so you can see what I am seeing.

Please advise about possible other browsers that might display your systems differently.

Time is of the essence – my event starts in 24 hours and I need to configure the call-in system accordingly.


Real sorry about this and we’re on top of it

Please allow flash in the chrome settings, help here for that

We’ll have the new updates implemented soon and look forward to hearing your feedback


Thanks for the new advice. Now, in Chrome after I allow Flash, I do get to the PBXww panel, but the blocks still have their ends cut off.

I can create new blocks (the configure button [the gear icon] shows up until the block is configured) but I cannot re-configure existing blocks. Also I cannot access the rightmost of the in-block buttons that appear at the bottom edge of the block.

Because I can at least create new blocks and configure them once, I have been able to satisfy the immediate need for my event that started today (Friday) and it looks like it will function for the weekend.

I am eager to see your promised updates so that I can use this service to its full potential.

Thanks for the update here and are you using chrome ( incognito ) mode , Im thinking that can fix the issue where it cuts off the modules

We look forward to the update and sharing it with you

Thank you and we appreciate your patience here