[Only Geographic] Japan Phone Numbers - Disconnect notice

(Geographic) Japan phone numbers will be disconnected on Jan 1, 2022 due to local Japan regulations.

National Japan 81-50 numbers are not affected and are still available for purchase.

They’re now requiring a physical local “interconnection” for geographic Japan virtual phone numbers. (i.e Tokyo, Osaka). This is not something we can control as we’re essentially at the mercy of local regulators.

This type of disconnection is extremely rare, in most cases of a “disconnection” we’re still allowed to keep the current phone numbers ( and just not issue new ones ). The only time this has happened in recent memory was with another Asian country - China.

As far as we’re aware Japan will no longer allow these types of phone numbers.

As an alternative, we can replace your Geographic Japan number with a local National number (81-50) free of charge

Please open a ticket or send us an email if you’d like us to replace the number.

We apologize for any inconvenience.