Special Registration Japan requirements

So, I read that a Japan number requires a whole bunch of personal information…I have a few specific questions about this

Japan - Geographic:

  • Current Address Worldwide (street, building number, postal code, city);
  • Proof of address (a copy of utility bill no older than of 6 months);
  • Passport or ID copy;
  • Name, business name and contact phone numbers.
  • PLEASE NOTE: In case registration process is performed under a company name, the company registration certificate shall be provided instead of passport or ID copy.
  1. What does “Worldwide” mean here? If my Japanese address is Name, Room XYZ, X-X-X City, Tokyo XXX-XXXX, Japan (or, alternatively, in Japanese 東京都何々区何々町X丁目X番X号〇〇〇号室), what EXACTLY (in what format, etc.) do I need to provide? Also, in what form should I provide it? Should I make a word document and just upload that? Or should I upload my residency card where it has my address on the back?

  2. Is ALL of this necessary? For one, my residency card alone gives my name, address, and ID. What is the contact number? Is my current (real) Japanese phone number fine? What will it be used for? I don’t have voicemail set up on that yet, so I might miss a call if something comes in to confirm my number.

  3. In particular, is the utility bill necessary? For proof of address, this is what we commonly use here:
    By the way, I live in a company dorm (it’s a legit thing here; I’m able to open a bank account, go to the doctor’s, get a sim card, rent an apartment - yeah, I’m moving, etc., but I don’t pay the bills here, so I don’t have a utilities bill). Like I said, I’m actually moving, so I’ll be paying utilities starting relatively soon, but it’s my first time and I don’t know what form my bill will take. If it IS 100% necessary (which would be pretty dumb since a LOT of old school Japanese companies put their people in dorms), could you please tell me exactly what form you’d need this in? Can I just scan the thing and upload it? Would I need to identify where the address is shown on the bill? Oh, also I won’t be changing my address on my residency card just yet because I’m going to keep my room in the dorm for another month or so, so the addresses won’t match anyway (also normally fine, in Japan, albeit uncommon, and not something people would normally know about, since people don’t just go around requesting utility bills here…). And anyway, I’d prefer to pay my bills online through my bank, and I don’t know how soon it will be until my first bill arrives, so for all I know it might take a couple months anyway…basically, I just don’t want to mess with utilities or bend over backwards to arrange the way I pay my bills so that it fits this random website just for this phone number (which I only need for when I’ll be outside of Japan). But in any case, for proof of address, the document I linked to above is something I could provide if necessary; the address on it also matches the one on my residency card.

  4. Who will this information be sent to and how will it be stored? These are very important documents I’ll be uploading.

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Hi @mrlawrence

Great questions, please keep in mind there is a small change to the above. The "Worldwide " address is only for National Japan numbers, the rest ( for example Tokyo) will need a local address in Japan. You seem to have that so that will work great.

The account name and address on flynumber is what we will use. You can enter your Japan address there during signup or edit the current address in My account > my details

Yes as this requirement comes down from the local Japan operators and or carriers. We’re really at their mercy.

This should work yes. Any bill or statement or invoice with your name and address no older than 6 months

With our operator over a secure connection, the documents themselves are encrypted after they get to us, with the originals being deleted.

If you have any other questions please let us know

@FlyNumber I got my proof of address ready, but now I’m trying to register for a Tokyo phone number (since that’s where I live), but it’s not available from the list of cities!!! What gives?? It was there a month ago.

Also, just to confirm - if I want to be able to receive calls and texts from this phone number, e.g. via some combination of Skype or something else, do I select PBX when registering?

And one last thing…there are a lot of different forms I can get my proof of address in, with more or less personal information, with my name in Japanese or in English, etc. - if my application gets denied (presumably because they want more information besides just my name and address even though it’s an official document I’m submitting, or perhaps because they don’t like the format of my name), will I be able to reapply?

Looking into if we can get you one as we speak ( they ran out of stock ) - will update you ASAP

No SMS with Japan numbers at the moment, that can change quickly

Yes , any bill or statement or invoice no older than 6 months would work, a mobile phone bill, gas bill. It can be in Japanese, just type out the name and address for us

Thanks and will keep you posted on if we can procure a Tokyo number

No SMS with Japan numbers at the moment, that can change quickly

I see. So what type of forwarding destination should I choose if I use Skype? Can I change that later?

Thanks and will keep you posted on if we can procure a Tokyo number

Thanks. I’d definitely prefer a Tokyo number, but worst case scenario am I allowed to register e.g. an Osaka number instead even if my address is in Tokyo?

We are checking on this and we will update you ASAP

We confirmed with the operator and unfortunately, they will need an address in the city you want a number. We can issue a National 81-50 Japan number in this case.

I see. I suppose I could rent a place in Osaka temporarily just to get the number, but more realistically, I guess I’ll just have to wait for the Tokyo number. A 81-50 number is not a number anyone would trust as a personal phone number.

Do you know if Tokyo numbers will likely be available again within the next few weeks?

At the moment we wouldn’t have a solid ETA but hopefully more details in the coming weeks

So…it looks like only 050 and 800 numbers are available now?? Did Japan just stop giving out phone numbers? I have no use for either of these types of numbers. If you knew this would happen I wish you could have at least told me sooner…

Hi @mrlawrence

Sorry for the delay while we checked this out and unfortunately we’re unable to get any more details.

Hopefully this changes but right now there would be no eta on that