Can I purchase a specific number in Japan?

We purchased a virtual number from another vendor, and at some point let it go.
We’d like to get it again, but it’s no longer part of their available number set.
I’d like to see if we can get it through FlyNumber. Is there some way to do that?

What happens when you call the number, is it going somewhere ?

Please PM or email us the number

Hi, The email bounced. It thinks ****** isn’t a valid email address.
Thanks for getting back to me.

+81 06-4*********
This is an Osaka-area number.

I tried it, to see if I could identify an actual customer or the vendor. I’m getting a generic (English) “the person at xtension 5285 is unavailable” + beep.

I didn’t try leaving a message. I thought I would hunt around a bit and see if I could find someone providing it.


Its [email protected]

We’ll check this out and let you know

Sorry we have no information on that number.