No incoming calls on my voip provider


I´ve just received my Flynumber but I can´t get it to work with my voip provider to receive calls on my Android phone. Here is what I´m using:

My voip is and I´m using mobileVoip and/or Zoiper for client on my phone.
Works perfect to make calls.
I´ve set up on my flynumber setup page and it does not ring on the phone.
Any help for a newbie would be kind

Best regards



It could be the URI you entered is wrong…

The call history shows errors ( set TO: date to one day in the future)

Perhaps you should check with them to confirm your SIP uri

In FlyNumber forwarding page ( My account > MyFlyNumbers) choose VOIP

If the uri is

“Host” is :
"Details" is : rodfn