Need a Spanish Phone number


I currently use a Voip Service (Soho66) and it directs a geographic UK number to our Office.
As it was cheaper than getting BT to fit a line!

We are doing some small business for a family member who lives in Alicante and would like to get a geographic number for alicante and divert it to my existing SIP phone (with Soho66)

they seem to think it is possible, however they charge WAY too much for any number outside the UK …So what do i need to do Guys?

thanks for your advice in advance


Hi Ed

Thanks for considering us , Im sure we can help here

As long as Soho66 allows outside traffic to their SIP account. You may want to check with them

We can also send you our own SIP credentials to enter into a device or software

Keep in mind you will need to send us a name and Spain address to register the number under

Thanks and here if you have any other questions