Confused about what I'll be charged when I travel from US to Spain

I would like to get a FlyNumber in Spain for while I am there this summer. If I forward the Spanish FlyNumber to my US mobile (on ATT), when someone in Spain calls the FlyNumber, how much am I charged by FlyNumber, and how much am I charged by ATT?


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Anytime someone calls your Spain number you’ll only pay .03 per minute since you are forwarding the Spain FlyNumber to a USA phone number

At&t is charging you for receiving a call in Spain, this has nothing to do with us - you are roaming with them unless you have a special roaming / international plan with them

FlyNumber or not, if someone calls your ATT mobile phone while you’re in Spain you’ll want to make sure you are not charged roaming fees

One solution in your case is to maybe order a USA Flynumber local to your mobile phone area code( it shouldn’t matter though as most USA carriers are unlimited from everywhere in the states) and forward that to a Spain number like a prepaid mobile phone when you get there. You can keep the forwarding blank or just enter the number when you land in Spain.

This way you can forward the At&t phone to the local USA number. The USA FlyNumber will forward to your Newly obtained Spain mobile phone number which has a low per min rate ( look up Spain rates to get an idea)

You should be able to forward your At&t mobile number to another USA phone number for free

Another solution is to get a SIP account from us and if you have a smartphone use a data plan there and recieve calls for free ( no per min rate) - in this case you would use an app like Acrobits to receive the calls and it would be over 3G/4G or wifi

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns

Aha! Thanks much. I think I had the logic reversed. What you describe makes perfect sense thanks. That’s what I’ll do.

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