Inbound calls "forbidden"

|[Date & Time]|[Caller ID]|[Destination Number]|[Duration]|[Status]|Reason|[Cost (USD)]|
| — | — | — | — | — | — | — | — |
|2022-03-24 3:56:40||61385926451||00:00:00|Fail|Forbidden|0.0000 USD|
|2022-03-24 2:29:30||61385926451||00:00:00|Fail|Forbidden|0.0000 USD|

Is this the same problem as in this thread: No calls routing: Forbidden ?

My account is listed as “active”, but it actually isn’t.

Hi @rorus

Apologies for the late reply to this post

It’s not often

but from time to time our partners come back with an additional request for info on the person or company using the number - that’s what happened with this local Australia number

Forbidden in your FlyNumber logs usually means one of the following:

  • The number is expired - it needs to be renewed or restored (depending on how long it’s been in that status)

  • The number is fact not active, pending “special registration” approval - For example - Germany, France, Italy and Belgium among others. Click a country to see if has “Special registration”

  • You’re sending the calls to a SIP address (Direct VOIP) and your server/software is rejecting the calls. Could be a firewall issue on your side, or perhaps you need to whitelist our IPs

We’re updating that functionality to make it more clear , currently, that just means its “active” from a billing perspective