Status fail, reason forbidden


I forwarded my flynumber to my voip number
I’m using voip forwarding with following configuration:
Protocol is sip
Host is
Detail is 00339XXXXXXXX
00339XXXXXXXX is my voip username and my phone number, i’m using it for months without issue.
However I seem to be unable to reach my voip account when calling my flynumber.
Failure are displayed into my call history, to sum up -> status: fail; reason: forbidden.

I also tried to send a text, but so far it doesn’t display in the text history.

My order has been validated, my number is active.

My balance is 0, but If my understanding is correct, redirecting to a voip phone doesn’t require me to have a balance over 0 as redirecting on voip is free.
Is that correct ?

If my previous statement is correct, then:

  • is my forwarding configuration correct ?
  • is there anything I should configure from my voip provider side ?
  • Should I wait for some sort of service activation ?

At the moment there is no SMS forwarding, the SMS History is for when you’re using SMS notifications in the PBX ( Phone Systems). For example you want an SMS sent each time someone calls your FlyNumber.

We updated you via your ticket but in case anyone is curious, the mostly likely issue here is authentication. The forwarding address might need to know where the calls are coming from. Here are our IP, and other information you may need to authenticate your system

" Forbidden " in your call history could also mean the number is expired and needs to be renewed.