Showing flynumber when calling out?

So I want to create a call menu with a pin code to open up gates. Right now, each gate has its own mobile number and my number programmed in it so when I call, it opens up the gate. I wanted to create a call forwarding menu so someone else can dial in, enter a pin and press 1,2, or 3 to open up the gate. I was wondering is there any way for the call out to show the flynumber given that I would have to manually program every phone number?

For example

phone number 123-456-7890. person calls. gets pin prompt. enters pin (1234). menu comes up for press 1 for gate 1, press 2 for gate 2, press 3 for gate 3. Person presses 1, it rings the gate 1 and opens it.

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Unfortunately not at the moment, the caller ID that gets shown is of the person calling the FlyNumber

You can have multiple numbers go to multiple destinations if that helps you at all

Thanks and here if you need anything