How can I get SMS service on my Fly Number

Is SMS forwarding for Australia working now?

Not for all the Australia numbers but we should have the SMS working for 61-4 Mobile soon

Is SMS working for Canada and US?

SMS should be working very soon

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any news on that issue, i need to receive sms with an Israeli number.

Getting SMS with Israeli mobiles should be around the corner


Will SMS message forwarding be available this week in the UK (i.e. on +447 mobile numbers)? I only got the mobile virtual number for SMS messages so I’ll have to go elsewhere but I’d prefer to stay with flynumber as it makes my billing easier for my other number and call credit.
Questions are:
Do I have to use the PBX service or can I just forward the virtual number to a real mobile ?
And A) has it ever worked in the UK or B) it has never worked but you are adding the feature?

Yes thanks for the interest, it hasn’t been enabled but yes UK mobile should be on that list

Youll be able to do direct forwarding without PBX

Thanks and will update ASAP