How can I get SMS service on my Fly Number


Not forwarding sms from my flynumber to my mobile, please advise.


Sorry, our system does not forward SMS messages


Will this ever be supported? It seems there shouldn’t be any technical hurdles to implement this considering voice calls can be forwarded and a text message is a fraction the data of a voice call.


The technology to implement SMS isn’t difficult but we need to integrate it with the PBX so users can take full advantage.We’ll definitely update this topic once we have more info.


any news on this , a lot of people are waiting for this functionality


At the moment its in the pipeline but wouldn’t have a solid ETA sorry.


I also want to receive text messages on my designated mobile phone. Any news on this? Without this feature your service is pretty worthless to me.


Please open a ticket and we may be able to manually add the feature to your account if the country allows it



Sorry but I don’t understand what a ticket is. I opened the ticket window and I clicked on my virtual phone number but I have no idea what I’m supposed to write in the box. Am I just supposed to say that I want sms service for my phone (an Italian mobile phone)?


Yes you are correct but there is no SMS for Italy numbers at the moment



Is there any SMS feature for Japan region?



Sorry not at the moment


Now that you are working via a PBX, is it possible to use a 647 fly number as an SMS? Assuming the number to which we are forwarding to allows SMS messages?


This is what we plan on yes, for Canada numbers to work with the SMS and will have an update


But can this currently be done?


Sorry not at the moment


Nearly an year now, still nothing? I am particularly interesting in receiving sms Australian virtual mobile number



Yes there were some unforseen setbacks but we should have this active very shrotly among many other features


Is SMS supported for Norway? I’ll become a customer once SMS is supported, as that is required for my intended use.


Norway, unfortunately, will not be SMS enabled once this is released. That could change but no solid ETA