Forwarding to Android app not working

I´ve been able to configure PBX with my virtual number using VoipStunt softphone, but as i´ve discovered their mobile app block incoming calls.

I´m trying to configure Blink (softphone for Windows 7) with the login details from PBX but no luck untill now.

I´ve also try to set up Zoiper on Android using the same details but Registration failed.

I can send you screenshots by PM, but i´ve followed your article

I´m only interested in Zoiper, i tried to configure Blink to catch the problem.

user: rentzboy
i can ping the server address without problems from my PC



That should work great

Can you try to ping the SIP server from the zoiper phone, are we sure its using the same internet as the PC

We dont see this username ( please message the username or flynumber)


Hi, i sent you a PM message with my login and set up configuration.
i can’t make it work.



i sent you an email with my logs and set up.
Hope you can help me to configure my pbx.
I don´t see where the problem can be, but i´m unable to registrer my account with blink nor zoiper.


Sorry to hear about this

Can you still ping the SIP server address from your network?

If not send us your IP as perhaps it was banned for too many failed attempts. To get your IP address go to google and type “what is my IP address”

Can you also try a new set of SIP info from your PBX on x-lite

Thanks and let us know if this persists