Divert all the calls from Switzerland to France


I am living in France and looking for a job in Switzerland. I would like to have a swiss number and divert it to my french mobile, I am wondering if it is possible?
my 2nd Q is that my mobile number is +33 7, it is Lyca mobile, french number and it is not totally french provider, does your system support this number?
3) how much is the fee (monthly fee and the initial fee, if any)
4) How long does it take
5) the list of the numbers you have is a normal swiss number or from its numbers, others can understand it is a virtual number?
I will appreciate replying my Qs. look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi @mehrasa

Yes, we can help but you would need to send us information on a Switzerland address

Perhaps you have a friend or family member there and can use their info.

You can enter a forwarding number here and it will give you the per min rate to forward there.