Transfer existing number?


I live in Belgium and I would like to transfer an existing local number to your survice making it thus virtually and forwarding incoming calls to wherever I like it. Is that possible with your service?

Yes we do port in phone numbers, the port in fee for most countries is $14 ( Updated Aug 2016) (One time fee)

We will need to confirm portability though, please PM the phone number you’d like to port in and we’ll get back to you with confirmation right away



I am from Belgium and i would like to transfer my existence phone number from BELGACOM provider to FLYNUMBER -

  1. Is that possible ??
  2. If YES than what is the procedure i need to do it ??

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It should be, email our support email the full number to confirm

We will email you a form and you will need to send back the form signed along with your most recent invoice ( of the number you are porting in)


If I have a cellphone number from a country that is not on the coutry list of numbers you guys offer (let’s say a namibiam cellphone number), is it possible to port this number to flynumber?

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Great question but sorry not at moment, if we don’t carry the country its highly unlikely we can port a number in from said country.


To which email address could I send you my actual belgian land line number to allow you to check portability of the number? Thx.

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You can send to [email protected]