Forward through third party SIP service

There is a way to forward call (Cellular or Land Numbers) through an other SIP account?

To do this now I created the connection to two virtual SIP device, then from my home router I connect the virtual SIP device and forward the call as I want.

The problem is the delay added is depending from my DSL line, I wil in and out from my line two times…!

There is not an efficent way to do this?

Like: forward to my swiss mobile 004176XXX1331 through Intervoip and forward to my italian mobile 003936676XXX2101 through Voipcheap.

I can’t belive that PBXww can’t do this directly.

Many thanks for any sugegstion

Hi @stek

This is a very old post and we see it wasn’t replied to. Seems it slipped the cracks on our side.

We figured you don’t need this info but just in case another person stumbles upon this post we thought we should answer

Yes, as long as your SIP account can provide this functionality

From what I understand, you want to use intervoip and voipcheap to route your PSTN ( regular phone number forwarding ) calls, perhaps you like their per min rates.

You would want to check with them on how to do it efficiently, having you flynumber go to voipcheap and then a SIP device and then your Swiss number, for example, may not be the best as far as latency and call rigidity

Someone like I believe allows for automatic forwarding of their SIP accounts to a phone number though their account interface. This makes a little more sense