Cyprus number doesn't work?!?

My id is Pykolo007, I paid it like a week ago, it seems to be active in the main panel, but, I tried to call the Cyprus number from different phones and it’s seems it doesn’t do anything.
Can you please check it out?
Thank you!

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Apologies on the delay here @Andrei_Ilie and the initial delay was due to getting the proper registration info/docs.

The number was assigned earlier however not active on the carrier level, the weekend sometimes slows things down - usually it’s well within 24 hours.

We should have this active very soon and will update ASAP.

Hello again! Two more working days passed and the number is still not active?
Any updates?
How many more days will it take to get working?

Apologies again here for the delay and our Cyprus partners requested more info in this case. Please check your email.


It seems that the number is not going to be online.

I dont know what is the problem, but, I am asking you for a money refund.

Looking forward to your response.

The number was actived an hour ago =)

Our apologies for the delay as it usually takes 24 hours or less for a number like this. We’re really at the mercy of our partners and need to protect the relationship - we need to make sure the number(s) are not being used for nefarious purposes.

Again very sorry for the delay and we added a couple dollars to the prepaid as a courtesy

Thanks and here if you need anything at all

Thank you!
Much respect!

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My pleasure @Andrei_Ilie and here if you need anything at all