New Greek number

I have asked long time ago for a new Greek number but I never had any feedback nor a number added to my account. Why?

Apologies for the delay on this one @evacool

The account did not have a full Greece address but we should still be able to get this done for you…

Details were sent to your account

Thanks a lot. However, the number now appears as cancelled. Could you please fix it?

You can ignore that as it’s the label used when a Flynumber with “special registration” is not active at the local carrier level. Greece is usually 24-48 hours. Will update ASAP.

Hi. The number is given to someone else. I do not understand what’s happening. I have paid for it and I lost it. Please solve the issue.

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Hi Eva

Apologies here

Not sure what happened, I thought the delay was due to the holidays but I suspect there could also be something with this specific number.

We’re trying a different one as we speak, if you really like the previous number we should be able to replace.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I did like this number but there is no problem to replace it. I saw the new one in my account. I think it is not yet activated. Unless there is a problem with settings. Please advise.

Hi Again,

OK it seems the issue was the address in Greece you provided.

We’ll need some clarification -updated via email.

As I remember you have my address and you used it for the previous number. Could you please email me with more clarifications?

Sure thing and please check your email

Its address related

Just wanted to confirm here the number is active and we’re sending the calls to your preferred destination

It is active. Thank you very much!

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