Caller's number no longer coming through

Did something change ?

Starting about ~3-4 weeks ago, I stopped getting the caller’s number as the incoming number.
Before that, when a call came in, the incoming number was the caller’s number.
Now, the incoming number is some random Spanish number (I’m in Portugal).

Here’s how the incoming call looks here in Portugal when a call comes in from my (347) XXX-XXXX fly number:

^^ that’s a call to my flynumber forwarding to me. I have no idea what that Spanish number is.

The way it used to look was the incoming # was the number of the person calling.
That’s what I get from Skype forwarding, and is how flynumber used to work for me:

^^ Incoming call via Skype forwarding

This is interesting and there are many factors, including the carrier you’re using and where you’re calling…

We looked up your account based on the email and applied some adjustments to the FlyNumber we think can help

Please re-test and we’re here if you need anything

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That worked, whatever you did! Now calls show with the original caller’s number (which my iphone recognizes, so it shows as the contact calling)

My wife has the same problem and it’s still happening on hers.

She has the same flynumber setup US->Portugal. Shall I open a trouble ticket from my account to give you her info ?

Glad to hear this and thanks for the feedback

Yes please open a ticket or PM us the username/Flynumber

We’ll be investigating this number to see if the adjustment needs to made to all our NY numbers.

It just happened again: incoming call on my phone was some spanish number. I can see from the call logs it was actually a US 708 number.

Back to random Spanish numbers coming in.

Same person calling my US (347) flynumber and they’re coming through over here different every time:
+34 514 812 xxx
+34 514 826 xxx

and sometimes not at all. Something is busted. Help!

We just updated it, please retest and let us know what you get

Same result, still broken.

Calling my flynumber (347) xxx-xxxx set up to forward to Portugal gets an incoming call from Spain.
This time it was from +34 513 185 xxx. Tried a second time (2016-04-01 17:00 EST) and got another incoming Spanish number - +34 514 282 xxx

We’re on top of this and running some tests.

Just retested - same behavior. Spanish incoming number. It often drops as well before I can answer.

Some more changes were just sent through, can you give it another try…

Mon Apr 4 20:04:48 WEST 2016

Calling my 347 flynumber --> incoming call in Portugal:

Still broken - incoming calls all show as random Spanish numbers

The problem is happening on multiple fly numbers. Help !

Can you PM us which numbers its happening on…

So far this is looking specific to your number and/or forwarding setup. Our people are investigating as we speak and will have an update ASAP

It’s looking better now … so far so good …

Yes, thanks for the update.

We went pretty far down the pipeline to get these adjustments done.

Glad to hear and let us know if you need anything

I just checked the other number as well & both now show the number of the original incoming caller. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome and thanks for the feedback

Let us know if you need anything

Now it’s completely down. I’ll open a new thread.