My Payment is still Pending

i’ve wanted to pay periodic charge but I top up 20$ to my account balance by mistake
It seems still ‘pending’ ID: 39024

1-When it will be paid?
2-could you take my periodic charge (14,9USD) from my current balance?



Your payment/ order is pending because you ordered a Turkey number, this requires registration - its a local carrier requirement

We have already emailed you the phone number but its NOT active yet, we should have it live within a couple hours

Using your prepaid balance is not a problem, you can always create a new subscription by clicking your order and scrolling to the bottom

Thanks and let us know if you have any more questions

Is this also true for a Japanese number. I tried signing up but when I attempted to pay there was an issue with my card which i corrected. On the second attempt to pay for the phone number it didn’t try to charge the card again and the order is still pending.

We saw your ticket and had it updated, looking forward to your updates.