Whats wrong with you people?

Seriously. Is there one VOIP or Virtual phone number company anywhere thats not a complete waste of time? Why am I still waiting for a phone number a week after paying and lodging my documents? Why do none of your ‘support’ contact phone numbers work? Why is there no reply to my support ticket ? I think this is just another con job. How do you people survive? Seriously. You got me for $40. You went to all this trouble, set up a website, got it listed on google and all the rest all for a lousy $40,. Even if you got 10 people a day its not even a decent living. WTF?

Completely understand your frustrations here @smerff

This looks to be AUD, we charged your in US dollars…

Keep in mind $10 USD went into the prepaid.

We’re at the mercy of our partners who supply AU numbers however this should have been taken care of yesterday, apologies and your account was updated with the AU number ( it will be active very shortly)

You can’t be serious. Another day and the best you can do is 2024-05-16 13:21:51
Apologies again for the delay Simon and will have your new number 61416923***** active ASAP.

Will update very shortly


Its been f** ten days nearly. Every single VOIP company / virtual number company does this, drags it out for 7 - 10 days and then says ‘sorry we were just bullshitting from the start we can’t provide that service’ so why the f*** advertise the service if you can’t provide it?

Hi Simon,

Apologies again for the delay and we’re at the mercy of our partners with Australian mobile numbers

We need a landline or mobile to put on file (we had emailed you about this a couple days ago)

Also sent you some number options as well…

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you