New Australian DID

I have paid for Australian number on 24th April, and I had attached company details also.

As I didnt receive the number after waiting for 25 days and no response for my tickets, I have cancelled that order to stop next month payment. Please refund the payment if you cannot issue the number.


Very sorry for the delay on this @sujithck

This was due to the AU number needing registration but should have been handled the same day ( or 48 hours on the weekend )

We refunded this for you and apologize for the hassle, we still sent you the number ( on us for the first month )

It will be added to the Phone system V2 which you’re grandfathered into ( free for life )

The number issued to us is not active yet. I have raised several support tickets, but no reply yet.

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Hi @sujithck

Your ticket was updated…

The new Australian number is active, we also set it to the new phone system so you’ll want to set up your call flow there.

Any future Australia phone numbers will approve well within 24 hours from here on out.