Need a canadian number to use it abroad

Hi guys,
My situation is:

  • I am russian
  • I am currently located in Turkey
  • I need Canadian phone number to recieve incoming calls from Canada and also European countries (no data, just calls)
  • I have only my russian sim card. It works and can be used for receiving the calls
  • Optionally I can buy local sim card (but I don’t want to since its quite expensive)

Can I do that with FlyNumber?

What are the particular steps?
My phone is: iphone 13

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Thank you for your post and considering us…

Yes we can definitely help, many of our customers use the same way you described. The Canada number can be reached by any phone number in the world, so as long as your smartphone has data you’ll be fine.

We won’t need this unless you send the FlyNumber calls to a “regular phone number”. Instead, it would be more efficient to send calls to an app and take advantage of the 3G/4G/5G on your smartphone. This way it’s unlimited incoming, where as if you forward calls to the Russian phone number there will be a per min rate.

No need but you’ll want a good data plan, not necessarily a high amount of gigabytes, but a good quality network is ideal.

If you’re Russian Sim can provide that then great, otherwise you may want to look into getting a prepaid sim card, possibly data only (in Turkey)

The service will work great with the iOS

You absolutely can, sign up here - choose a Canada number and set to any forwarding option

(Select PBX as this can be changed later)

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns


Iam almost in love with your support service. Really appreciate you respond so quickly and in such clear way.

Thank you.

But I still dont get it.
How can I use it and what are my next steps?

I mean I already paid and recieved number.
What are my next steps here?
How can people from canada reach out to me?

Thank you.

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My pleasure and appreciate the kind words

The cheapest way is to forward to VoIP and use an app on the smartphone.

Please follow the steps in this post, it should be pretty straightforward.

If you run into any issues please let me now and we can set things up from here.

thank you for the article

what is the cheapest option for this today?

(again I just want to have canadian number to receive incoming calls from canada)


That would be the option I linked to above.

Sure thing and using VoIP will cost you just the $2.95 a month and unlimited incoming

Please let me know if you run into anything

many thanks for you support! It really works and is really easy to set up. Thank you so much.

One more thing is… I tried to register at online website and put my canadian number for sms verification during registering. I received a message “SMS Verification is not supported by landline phones”. Is there any chance to get a mobile one? Just curious

Thx again!

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My pleasure and glad to hear

At the moment it’s just local prefixes with Canada, we also have toll free but not sure if that would work in this case

Thanks and standing by if you need anything