Multiple Flynumber to 1 android phone

I am new into this and wonder if i can have many different Flynumber and then all is connected to 1 androidphone, so from different country should all calls go to 1 unit where we have the office!

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You absolutely can, many users do just that…

We also have a neat solution for outgoing calls- you can setup a SIP account on your Android, either with a 3rd party SIP client or hard wire the SIP info in the Android OS and make out going calls from there using the FlyNumber as the caller ID.

[ Edit: You can also use any Desktop SIP phone ]

Lets say you owned a UK , Spain and USA number and they’re all going to the SIP app,all incoming calls would be free while you pay a low per min rate for outgoing calls.

That brings me to our optional Auto Caller ID feature

You dial out to a UK phone number and your UK caller ID will show up, you dial any Spain number ,your Spain FlyNumber shows up as the caller ID and so on…

Let us know if you need any assistance setting this up

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