Toll free numbers

Hello I saw on your website that it’s possible to buy a Toll-Free phone number ( ), but when I follow the link to and I select Canada, I can’t seem to find the Toll-Free in the list. Is it a glitch, or is it not offered anymore? Also, do you offer similar Toll-Free numbers in the US?


Hi there

Did you get there from Google or Bing?

Seems one of the pages was indexed by Google too early…

Yes we are launching toll free numbers for Canada , USA and the UK- we should have it live very soon


Haha yes I had a hunch, via Google. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it.

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Sounds good, hopefully we have them active in the next week or so

Thanks again

Just wondering if it’s still in the plans to have toll free numbers? If yes do you have an ETA? I need one and I’m trying to figure if I can get it through FlyNumber (ideal) or if I will have to go somewhere else for it.



It should be active for everyone very soon, please PM or open a ticket with your FlyNumber account and we’ll add one manually to your account


I am really interested in Toll Free number for spain.
let me know when they will be available.



A great way to keep informed is with our twitter account