SMS - possible to receive

Woot Canada! Can’t wait for this feature!

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Any update on SMS forwarding for Israeli mobiles? You said you hoped to have it “soon” two years ago…

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We’re also disappointed in the delay however we do see this being implemented by mid-May

Is it working for the US now?

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Hi @robby_resetchannel

Thanks for the update and not sure how we missed updating this thread ( It was announced on the blog, Twitter etc )

Yes, for Canada and others as well

Full list here

Numbers that can receive SMS often have a higher price. What is the lowest price VOIP number available right now that can receive SMS?

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Thanks for posting.

This is true for some countries yes.

Well our lowest priced numbers are $2.95 , which is actually most numbers, US, UK, Canada and most of Europe.

US and CA all can get SMS so I would say those.