SMS - possible to receive

Sorry no updates at the moment

Any more news - I had a couple of fly numbers for a while , and loved the PBX , forwarding voicemail etc etc , a great service but without SMS Functionality I stopped using them , I check back regularly and I’m sure many others do , can you please give us an ETA for this functionality - or do we need to look elsewhere for this service

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At the moment its in the pipeline but wouldn’t have a solid ETA sorry.

It’s been 222 days since your lats update regarding SMS forwarding. Is it now available or still in development?

Hi there,

We apologize for the painfully long delay and are actively working on getting this up and running for most of our numbers.

The biggest challenge here is getting SMS to work seamlessly across local phone numbers from all over the world. We’re getting close and will at least be able to manually add the feature to your account soon.

Only certain numbers will accept SMS initially:

Canada ( not every city , more info soon )
Finland, Mobile
Israel, Mobile
Poland, Mobile
Sweden, Mobile
Ukraine, Mobile

Thanks and will keep this post updated.

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Any update? Specifically for Colombia?

Most banks and other institutions in Colombia require a cell phone in order to validate account changes. Drives me nuts.


Sorry nothing on Colombia at the moment

Is it possible to manually add to account SMS forwarding from Canadian to US number?

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Yes as this functionally is around the corner, please keep an eye out for the feature on this forum/twitter

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One year+ after this post, will Singapore be part of the launch this quarter?

Sorry but it seems Singapore will not be a part of that launch

if I have a virtual number in Israel and forward calls to a real number in Poland, will sms sent to the Israeli number be sent to th Polish number?

Sorry not at the moment and we hope to have SMS forwarding with Israeli mobiles soon

Woot Canada! Can’t wait for this feature!

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Any update on SMS forwarding for Israeli mobiles? You said you hoped to have it “soon” two years ago…

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We’re also disappointed in the delay however we do see this being implemented by mid-May

Is it working for the US now?

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Hi @robby_resetchannel

Thanks for the update and not sure how we missed updating this thread ( It was announced on the blog, Twitter etc )

Yes, for Canada and others as well

Full list here

Numbers that can receive SMS often have a higher price. What is the lowest price VOIP number available right now that can receive SMS?

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Thanks for posting.

This is true for some countries yes.

Well our lowest priced numbers are $2.95 , which is actually most numbers, US, UK, Canada and most of Europe.

US and CA all can get SMS so I would say those.