Requirements for incoming calls on Android

Hi all,

On my Android phone I use the Voipstunt App to call friends abroad using the Voipstunt VOIP Service. I am going for travel and want to have a local phone number of the travel country and be reachable on my phone via this number. I will have a data-only sim card there.

My question is: When registering a local number here at Flynumber, you can specify a VOIP provider to redirect incoming calls you say at your website. Does this work with the Voipstunt App, or do I need different mobile to be able to get calls from the new local number?


Voipstunt themselves limits the use of their mobile app

Instead you can take the SIP info and enter it into a 3rd pary SIP app

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Okay, so if I configure this 3rd party app with the Voipstunt SIP settings, I’ll be able to receive incoming calls from my local number at Flynumber.

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Yup, it should work fine