Record call + store it instead of sending it

I am about to test the new PBXww sub-system.

I think I saw it can record calls and send them away via email.

I would like them to be stored instead of sent over email, to avoid manual operation. Then download them in bulk one day (for example once per month) and store them into our systems.

a) Is that possible? If not, can it be implemented in the future?
b) Can I configure the filename in such a way that a robot can parse the filenames and make them “semantic” to my systems (auto-discover if the call was inbound or outbound, the remote number, the date and time, etc…)


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Hi @hellotrip

Yes, thats correct

Not yet but we do hope its possible in the future yes

I imagine the file name will end up having multiple details on the call, just not sure how it will be accessed by you the end user. Most likely from your user panel and you’ll be downloading the files

Currently the email that gets sent has info in the subject file, you may be able to create a script of some sort and program that way.

Thanks and here if you need anything at all