Can number be forwarded to FAX?

Will this work if forwarding to a fax service?


Yes , using our PBX / Virtual Phone System - connect the Phone number module and “Fax to email” module and you’ll receive the fax in email

This is very much a beta feature and suggest testing it out with your FlyNumber before advertising or using the number

Let us know if you have more questions please

hi, did you resolve that question ? is my queston too. I would like to know if is possible to set the pbx like this :

the pbx recognise incoming fax automatically and forward to the mail, or if possible i answer and if the call is fax calling divert manually the call to the mail

please i need answer, thanks

It has to be one or the other, either it goes to the fax to email module in the PBX or another destination, person, menu etc

The fax to email is still undergoing testing for many of the countries so we suggest testing before applying