Newbie Use Case Scenario


I have some pre-sales questions that need some clarification.

Q1. I understand that the overall call experience between the caller and the recipient is somewhat dependent on latency. (which I understand is another topic altogether involving proximity and pop locations). I am based in Singapore and 99% of my callers will be calling from Singapore, so does Flynumber have a local presence such that the overall call experience will be a good one?

Q2. Here is my use case scenario:
i. I need a local (Singapore +65-3) number to receive incoming calls.
ii. I am perfectly fine to receive incoming calls on my Android Smartphone using Softphone software like Zoiper and Groundwire.
iii. I need the option of setting up:
a. a recorded voice greeting to greet callers when calls are unanswered say after 3 rings.
b. voicemail which allows callers to leave voice messages after listening to my recorded voice greeting.
Which product is most suitable for me considering my use case scenario?
Will purchasing a Virtual Phone number be sufficient?
Where are the voicemails stored and how do I retrieve them?

Thanks again for allowing me to ask some newbie questions.

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Hi @jonleong

Thanks for posting and happy to answer your questions

Yes, the Singapore number itself will deliver high-quality calls. Many of our customers have business in SG and we’ve rarely heard of any quality issues coming out of there. However, as you mentioned, you’ll want to make sure you have a stable internet connection

You’ll want to use our phone system and yes that’s easily doable. The call “queue” module is what you’d need here.

Sure thing and here you’d use the “voicemail” module

A Singapore phone number with our cloud phone system ( choose PBX as your forwarding option when signing up )

You’ll need at least that yes, you can avoid using our phone system and try something like SIP2SIP to receive calls - more info in this post

They’re not stored and emailed to you directly

My pleasure and let me know if there are any other questions or concerns

We also have a business in Singapore and have a FlyNumber Singapore virtual number.

One thing I noticed is that the latency is quite high. From the time the caller say something, until we hear it on Groundwire, is about 2 seconds.

Please setup a local server in Singapore as this is an important hub for South East Asia market.

Hi @ptrinh

Is your internet speed the same throughout these attempts?

Perhaps change the order of codecs in the ground wire app. G711 Ulaw should work well, even on cell phone data. Also, try switching the transport from UDP to TCP or the other way around

Really appreciate the feedback Phil - duly noted.

Internet speed in Singapore is top notch. Ping to from my wifi connection is consistently at 3ms.

I’m using GroundWire to make/receive the calls, and it’s already using G.711 u-law as default audio codec.

Thanks for the quick reply, let me see what technical info I can pull up on SG and will update ASAP

Hi Again…

Was this happening for incoming or outgoing? ( or both ?)


it’s happening on both way.

Thanks for the update and would you mind making a test call with your Singapore number?

Please let me know the phone number you called or that called the FlyNumber

The carrier for the above as well as GMT date and time

Looking forward to hearing from you ( you can PM the info )

Here is a recording for your reference: Dropbox - 6591876189-to-6531591188-Recording_20220125155142969.mp3 - Simplify your life

From: 6591876189
To: 6531591188
Timestamp: 2022-01-25 15-51-42.969

Apologize for the delay on this one and will have an update shortly

In case anyone comes across this post…

If you’re getting quality issues let us know, we can monitor the connection for 24-48 hours to see what we can do