Prepaid payment

Hi, I’m new here and I just want to confirm what the $10 charge I’m seeing, like below:
Money that will be added to your balance. To use PSTN forwarding your balance must be more than 0. Recommended minimal overpay is 10 USD.

Is this gonna be a credit on my account or is this another charge on top of my monthly bills?


Yes this is credit to your prepaid balance ( which never expires)

To see the current prepaid balance its (My account > dashboard) and then summary tab

It can be used for anything on the site( new order, renewals, outgoing calls, forwarding etc)

Thanks and let us know if you have any other questions

Thank you!
I appreciate it

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Sorry, I have another question. I saved the credit card on file and tried to process a payment but after 24 hours, it failed. May I know why? Was it because it has insufficient balance? It would be better to state the reason why a payment is failed so we can work it. Thanks!

Hello. May I have an answer to my question? I really need to setup our phone number for my boss’s business. Thank you so much!

Sorry for the delay and seems account was flagged, we checked this for you and number sent


Thank you!

Appreciate your help on this.

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