Please add prefixes or other identifiers to incoming numbers

I am a new customer and love the service. However the one serious lacking feature I see is the inability to distinguish between incoming calls on my mobile. I have business calls to our flynumber being forwarded to my mobile. When a call is forwarded I am unable to tell if it is coming from the flynumber or is just a normal incoming call.

Can you please add this function to you list of features to add in the near future? It could be as simple has having a prefix like “99” added to the end of every forwarded number.

Thank you.


Thanks for the suggestion, we have users requesting this feature and hope to release a solution in the near future - we don’t have a solid ETA though

This doesnt work for everyone but on some mobile phones the FlyNumber calls have a different format than the regular calls , you may get a “+” before the number for example

Hopefully we have a solution implemented very soon