Number transfer from Skype, multiple numbers, Turkish ID req


I have a few questions about the service.

  1. I have a Skype number ( US location ) which i’m actively using and wondering whether its transferrable to your service? If possible, how long would it take, how much would it cost and would you need any documents?

  2. Aside from the Skype number, im planning to buy a Turkish number. May i be able to use both numbers on the same SIP software, say Groundwire which you are heavily advising? I’m also considering Acrobits products for the push capabilities and going to make the software purchase depending on the answer.

  3. Regardless of your firm and service, i’m not feeling comfortable sharing my national id copy with 3rd parties because the id contains too much personal data. Might there be solution which i’m able to send the copy directly to authorities? secondly, there aren’t fields to input and upload the cell phone number and the invoice which are indicated as required in this page.

have a nice day,

  1. Yes this could be possible , please email us the phone number and we can check this out

  2. Yes, keep in mind you will need Turkey Photo ID and a Turkey mobile phone bill

  3. This would not be possible at the moment as we carefully and secure all your documents. Its also not shared with any 3rd parties.