Number Cancelled

On 14 May I received an email saying that my order had been cancelled, without any explanation given. I opened a ticket and received the following reply:

“Sory to hear and we are working on getting your old number ASAP
Please ignore the temporary number on the account right now”

Over the past month I have made repeated attempts to contact you to find out:
(1) what was the cause of the cancellation in the first place;
(2) whether I can still expect to get my number back.; and
(3) If my auto-bill is still set up correctly or do I need to worry about future cancellations.

I would be very grateful if you would update me on the issues above. Thanks.

Very sorry for the painfully long delay here. Obviously, something went wrong and we sincerely apologize.

This was actually handled back then ( we held the old number and had it assigned to your account ) - there was a synchronization issue here and should not happen again.

It was a billing issue and it doesn’t seem account was set to auto-bill

Your number is back on the account and a courtesy 3 months credit was added as well

The card on file is set to auto-bill so we don’t anticipate any more issues here.

Sure thing and again very sorry for the delay on this one- please let us know if you need anything at all