Multiple numbers with SIP re-direct


I have a few different Flynumbers which currently re-direct to my SIP account which I manage through Groundwire.

I need to be able to tell which phone number the call is bouncing from so that I can use different greetings.

Is there a way I can manage this in PBX? Or do I need to setup multiple accounts within Groundwire? If it’s the latter, I wonder if I can run a few different sessions at once? I may end up with 4-5 different numbers, so need a scaleable solution.


Hi Lucas/ @ToroSupport

In this case it seems adding the SIP accounts would work best.

You can add as many as you need on the flynumber side as well as the SIP client ( Groundwire ) side

Thanks and let us know if you need anything or have feedback

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Thanks, multiple SIP accounts seems to be working ok with a few numbers so far.

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Youre welcome and here if you need anyting at all

Glad to hear and thanks for the feedback on this as well