Milan Number Activation

Hi, I have paid for 6 months of a Milan number. Can I know when will it be activated?


Sorry about that but you will need to upload/send a Photo ID and proof of address in the Italy city you need a number


Thanks for your reply. I’m actually registering for a client which is an Italian company based in Milan. What documents can I use for the verification?

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You’re welcome and we appreciate your business here

You can use a company certificate and bill /statement /invoice no older than 6 months with Italy address

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Where can I upload the docs? Thanks!

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You can create a new order on the site and upload or email us and put your username in email, please

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you

Hi, I still can’t use my number. I tried calling it, but the logs on my Dashboard indicated “Fail” with the reason “Forbidden”.

Can you please help? Thanks.

Hi, it’s almost 2 weeks after my payment and I still can’t get the number to work. Can I cancel the number and get a refund please?

Very sorry again for the delay and the carrier had a requirement request, this was sent to you