How to integrate Flynumber PBX to my own Helpdesk system?


I would like to integrate the Flynumber PBX with my own online Helpdesk system using webservices in JSON or XML.

It is single way:

  1. The Flynumber PBX attends the customer.
  2. Generate a “call number” (sequential or via webservices) and read it to the customer.
  3. Record all calls.
  4. Send to the email the recorded audio using the “call number” as it filename.

Today I do have a webservice that can generate a sequential Ticket number like this example: “ABCD-123456789”, It is a unique ticket number on entire ticket system.

There are some way to make it work with The Flynumber PBX ?



Yes we can make this work with our PBX / Virtual Phone System

After someone calls the FlyNumber you can have an email sent with the caller-ID and that can trigger your web service

All recorded calls get sent to an email so thats not an issue either

You can sign up for 1 month to test things out, there is no obligation and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised

Let us know if you have any other questions


I did received and email with the recorded call (right), but I was unable to identify who is the owner of this file to input on my Helpdesk system and get attached to a especific Ticket-ID on my own system.

And how to integrate my Flynumber PBX to my Helpdesk System?

I would like to my FlyNumber PBX to read a ticket id requested from my Helpdesk system via webservices.

How to do it ?



There wouldn’t be a way for the PBX to read your ticket system directly

You can have a notification set before the person module in PBX with the FlyNumber or Caller- ID of the person calling sent in the body of an email. Perhaps you can write a script that takes that info and matches it up to an ID with your web service

Hey Folks!
An simple imap code with php will works well to get attachment from email and show as you need, just program your php to handle and filter information’s about caller id number.
Easy Example Base:

Now the main problem is the delay caused by emails… after send and receive the email…

To interact an call with helpdesk, the system need to had an new notification function configuration!!! I think it’s easy to they do it. So we can get real-time information and update our system about received calls.

Flynumber and PBXww should create an option to send calls notifications over customized HTTP.

Rodrer, so we just need to create and php program file to receive: “flynumber called number”, and “caller number”.

It can be received using $_GET[‘called’] and $_GET[‘caller’] on php.

Our url construction will be like:
We just need to handle those new info entered by flynumber to automatically update our help desk panel. See the base example here:

So before you start answering the call, our help desk will tell us who is calling(caller number) and we can get more previous info about the caller number… then after the call ends, you can be able to listen recorded file getting then from our emails by “caller number”, time and “called number”, using imap.

But Flynumber and PBXww had to ADD that explained configuration option for calls notifications. I hope they could do it so soon.
Please advise us!

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Great post @rick , we’ve found the email notifications are consistently on time, however we’re still polishing things up

Its probably quick enough for most applications, we hope to eventually offer an API as well

Thanks for the suggestion , we know help desk integration is something many of our users would love