How long will it take to activate my Flynumber account

Hi ,

Can anyone suggest how long does it take to get Virtual no. from Flynumber account . Already raised a ticket in their website .


I have the same question. Did you get any answers? Did you get set up eventually?

I have the same question. I signed up yesterday and it shows “Pending” for a number in Costa Rica. Would be good to know how long this will take.

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It should have been replied to right away but was wrongfully deleted - we undeleted as this could help someone

If you order a number that requires special registration and you didn’t provide the correct information - there could be a delay

For example, you order a Rome, Italy phone number and don’t provide proof of address in or around Rome.

Another would be if you ordered a Portugal number and didn’t provide a Portugal address ( no documents needed for Portuguese numbers )

Finally, there are numbers that don’t require any special registration ( United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and others ) - As long as the account doesn’t raise any red flags, you should have your number right away.

Side note: To see if your country requires “special registration” - click the country from this page