How long to switch the forwarding from SIP to Mobile?


I would like to know how long it takes for the forwarding setting to be effective when we change it from SIP to Mobile (and vice versa)?

The context is: imagine my setting is on “forward to SIP”, I receive a call, I take the call, but after few mn I realize my Internet connection on my mobile is weak and I’m having a hard time having the discussion.
So can I tell my contact to call me back in 1mn sharp, hang off, go to my admin page, change the setting to “forward to mobile” and wait for his call? Will it work? Or will your servers need 5mn, 1h or 1 day to effectively switch from one setting to the other?

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Yes you can, and the changes are free as well as instant.

The change would effectively be instant, should be no longer than 1 second for the changes to apply.

Keep in mind you can send calls to more than 1 destination, one after another as backup for example

Let us know if you have any other questions