Free SIP Client for Android recommend?

Can you recommend a free SIP Client for Android which works well with Android? Tried the standard anroid sip client but got the message unauthorized. user/pass server and port are correct.


Any SIP client should work fine, Zoiper on Android is free and should work OK as well

Hello i installed zoiper and created the SIP under pbxww( under flynumber but everytime error 408 . And the pbxww said everytime unreachable. any tip?
I tried use the official android app but the problem is the same .

Can you try to ping the SIP server address/domain ( the one give to you in the

If its unreachable please PM or email your IP address , perhaps your IP was banned for too many failed attempts

to me, just turning off rport did the trick! :wink:

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Thanks again @cregox